Ultrafast Spectroscopy Group (USG)

The understanding of combustion and atmospheric processes on the fundamental basis of elementary chemical reactions is essential in sustainable energy research. We concentrate on ultrafast dynamics of molecules relevant to atmospheric and combustion processes, such as flame ignition and the initial steps of soot generation. In this context we focus our research on fundamental aspects that include collision induced intra- and inter-molecular energy transfer, internal conversion, inter-state coupling and unimolecular dissociation mechanisms.

Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics

Flame characterization using femtosecond CARS.
Fs time-resolved dynamics of combustion relevant molecules (Formaldehyde)
Ultrafast dissociation of the ethyl radical
Investigations of Coriolis couplings with fs-CARS
Fs time resolved investigations on collision-induced energy-transfer
Fs time-domain spectroscopy on Peroxides
Ultrafast investigations on the initial steps of soot formation


Off resonant fs-four wave mixing

Resonant multi color fs four wave mixing:

Dispersed fs four wave mixing

Fs mass spectrometry and photoionization

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